The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Bruce Billson, has implored small businesses to take urgent action to safeguard their brand and identity on the internet or risk seeing impersonators, web-name ‘campers’ or cyber criminals take up domain names just like theirs.

The auDA introduced the new system on 24 March allowing anyone with a connection to Australia, such as businesses, associations and individuals, to register a new category of domain name. Instead of ending with,,, etc people could register the shorter .au name. For example, could be

It also decided that Australian businesses with an existing domain name would only have until 20 September to reserve or register their equivalent .au domain name before it became available to the general public to prevent a rival or someone else took their online name.

That rival or that someone (scammer) who took the online name can send an email under the online name and request for money from the clients. If this happened, the Event spam engine cannot protect or stop it because of that rival or that someone is the legit ownership of the online name.

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